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Coma Pedrosa is located on is on western part part of Andorra, 4 kilometers on west from Parroquia de la Massana. You can to look around . On notheast (1 kilometers) is Mountain Coma Pedrosa, Lake Estany del Estany (5 km). On east (4 kilometers) is Arinsal Ski Resort, Sculpture "Storm in a tea cup" (6 km). On southeast (6 kilometers) is Ski Area Balnord.

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Mountain Coma Pedrosa Pla de l'Estany
Arinsal Ski Resort Arinsal
Lake Estany del Estany L'Angonella
Sculpture "Storm in a tea cup" Erts
Ski Area Balnord Xixerella
Church of San Martin de la Cortinada La Cortinada
River North Valira La Cortinada
Church of St. Martin La Cortinada
The village of La Cortinada La Cortinada
Nature Center La Cortinada La Cortinada
Lift in La Massana El Pui
Church of the Holy SUP and Victoria El Pui
Church of San Cerney de Lorst Llorts
The village of Llorts Llorts
Lake Estanys del Angonella Llorts
City La Massana El Pui
Village Sornas Sornas
Church of Sant Roque de Sornas Sornas
Museo Casa Rull El Pui
The village of Os de Civis Os de Civis
Museum of Comic l'Aldosa
Church of St. Armenola l'Aldosa
Church of St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian Ordino
Museum of Orthodox icons Ordino
Museum of architectural miniatures Ordino 1

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