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les Escaldes — showplaces, hotels , restaurants business, Photos, Videos, map

This page contains the most interesting and useful information about les Escaldes. There are: Bridge on the River Valira, Andorran Pyrenees ski resort, Grandvalira ski resort, National Automobile Museum, Ski resort Ordino and although attractions near much more, you can find them all. Equally useful is the information about the nearest hotels and restaurants in les Escaldes, as well as the companies that are offering their products and services, nearby photos, and videos, and map.
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About les Escaldes by Wikipedia
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Les Escaldes or briefly Escaldes is an urban area in Escaldes-Engordany parish, Andorra. It is located near the nation's capital, Andorra la Vella.


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The name Les Escaldes comes from the presence of numerous hot springs, which produce highly sulphurous and nitrogenous waters at temperatures between 22 °C and 66 °C.Les Escaldes, Enciclopèdia Catalana. The hot springs were known by the Romans who used them for medical purposes.

There was a textile industry from the Middle Ages, producing woven fabrics and umbrellas in several guilds. The area is also known for its traditional dance, the Santa Anna.


The Spanish international primary school Escuela Española de Escaldes serves the community."Inicio." Escuela Española de Escaldes. Retrieved on May 2, 2015. "FITER I ROSSELL, 18 AD700 – ESCALDES-ENGORDANY" - Map



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