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Vall del Riu is located on is on nothern part part of Andorra, 8 kilometers on noth from Parroquia d'Encamp. You can to look around . On southwest (3 kilometers) is Гора Касаманья. On south (3 kilometers) is Church of San Juan de Kazelles, Ski resort Canillo / Soldeu / El Tarter (4 km). On southeast (4 kilometers) is Supermarket Caves Manacor. On east (5 kilometers) is Lake Zhuklar.

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Гора Касаманья Montaup
Church of San Juan de Kazelles El Vilar
Ski resort Canillo / Soldeu / El Tarter Canillo
Supermarket Caves Manacor La Costa
Lake Zhuklar Entor
Church of Sant Pere del Tarter Sant Pere
Temple of the Blessed Virgin Meritchelskoy Meritxell
Sanctuary of Our Lady Meritshelskoy Meritxell
Church of St. Bartholomew Sant Pere
Lake Estanys del Angonella Llorts
The village of Llorts Llorts
Church of San Cerney de Lorst Llorts
Tower Moors in Le Bonnet Les Bons
The village of Les Bons Les Bons
Church of Sant Roque de Sornas Sornas
Village Sornas Sornas
The village of La Cortinada La Cortinada
Church of St. Martin La Cortinada
River North Valira La Cortinada
The town of Encamp Les Bons
Funicamp Cable Car Les Bons
Nature Center La Cortinada La Cortinada
Church of San Martin de la Cortinada La Cortinada
Chapel St. Michael and John the Baptist in Encamp Sola d'Encamp
Encamp Ski Resort Sola d'Encamp

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