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Berat is located on is on central part part of Albania (Rrethi i Durresit, Qarku i Beratit), 11 kilometers on nothwest from Qarku i Beratit. We have found 3 attractions here, some interesting of them: Mangalia, Museum town of Berat, The fortress of Berat. On southwest, 1 kilometers is - Gorica.

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Museum town of Berat 1
The fortress of Berat
Gorica Uznove 1
Airport "Patos de Minas" Bashkia e Patosit
Monastery of St. Mary Ardenica Kosturli 1
Fragments of city walls Daullas 1
Mosaic House Daullas
Bazaar gate Elbasan
Turkish baths Elbasan

Interesting facts about Berat

  • Population : 46,866

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