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Memaj is located on is on western part part of Albania (Rrethi i Shkodres, Qarku i Durresit), 22 kilometers on southwest from Qarku i Durresit. We have found 5 attractions here, some interesting of them: Archaeological Museum of Durres, Villa King Ahmet I Zogu, Venetian Tower, The main mosque in Durres, Ancient amphitheater in Durres. You can to look around too. On east (2 kilometers) is Quay Durres, Adriatic Sea (5 km), Durres-Plage (7 km).

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Archaeological Museum of Durres
Villa King Ahmet I Zogu
Venetian Tower
The main mosque in Durres
Ancient amphitheater in Durres
Quay Durres Durres
Adriatic Sea Arapaj
Durres-Plage Shkallnur
Airport Rinas Mother Teresa Rinas
Lana River Yzberish
Artificial lake in Tirana Selita e Vogel
Area Skendeberg Tirana 2
National Museum of History Tirana 1
Skanderbeg Monument Tirana 1
Mosque Et'hem Bey Mosque Tirana
The building of "Pyramid" Tirana
Clock Tower of Tirana Bashkia e Tiranes
Mountain Dadzhti Bashkia e Tiranes
Bunkers in Albania Bashkia e Tiranes
Martyrs Cemetery Bashkia e Tiranes
Mountain Sari Saltiki Kruje 1

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