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Narte — showplaces, hotels , restaurants business, Photos, Videos, map

This page contains the most interesting and useful information about Narte. There are: Quay-beach "Riviera of Flowers", Museum of Independence Vlora and although attractions near much more, you can find them all. Equally useful is the information about the nearest hotels and restaurants in Narte, as well as the companies that are offering their products and services, nearby photos, and videos, and map.
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About Narte by Wikipedia
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Nartë also known as Narta ( Arta, Palioarta) is a community in Vlorë District. It is situated northwest of the city of Vlorë.

The local population are predominantly Greeks, using a distinct idiom of modern Greek. One of the local tourist attractions is the annual three-day festival. An Orthodox church lies on the center of the village.

The surrounding region is full of salt marshes. Narta Lagoon, which hosts a unique ecosystem, lies north of the village.

At 1873 a Greek school was funded in the village. Greek education was expanding with the opening of a girls' school and a kindergarten in the 1912-1913 school season. </ref>