Qarku i Durresit — attractions and interesting facts

Qarku i Durresit is located on is on central part part of Albania (Rrethi i Peqinit, Qarku i Durresit), 26 kilometers on nothwest from Tirana. You can to look around . On southeast (13 kilometers) is Airport Rinas Mother Teresa. On east (18 kilometers) is Mountain Sari Saltiki. On southwest (22 kilometers) is Quay Durres, Ancient amphitheater in Durres (22 km). On south (22 kilometers) is Adriatic Sea.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Archaeological Museum of Durres Memaj
Mountain Sari Saltiki Kruje 1
Villa King Ahmet I Zogu Memaj
Durres-Plage Shkallnur
Venetian Tower Memaj
Quay Durres Durres
Adriatic Sea Arapaj
Airport Rinas Mother Teresa Rinas
The main mosque in Durres Memaj
Ancient amphitheater in Durres Memaj

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