Qarku i Shkodres — attractions and interesting facts

Qarku i Shkodres is located on is on nothern part part of Albania (Rrethi i Peqinit, Qarku i Shkodres), 95 kilometers on noth from Tirana. You can to look around . On west (7 kilometers) is Fortress Rozafa. On southwest (16 kilometers) is Mesi Bridge, Mosque of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Zamila Zamil (22 km).

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Mosque of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Zamila Zamil Dobrac
Lead Mosque Liri
Museum-popullit Shkoder
Mesi Bridge Boks
Orthodox church in Shkoder Shkoder
Monument to Mother Teresa Shkoder
Democracy Square in Shkoder Shkoder
Fortress Rozafa Cinlit
Street Cola Indromeno in Shkoder Shkoder
Fountain in the square Dugajve te Reja Shkoder

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