Baku City — attractions and interesting facts

Baku City is located on is on central part part of Azerbaijan (Imeni Dvadtsati Shesti Bakinskikh Komissarov Rayon, Baku City), 2 kilometers on noth from Baku. The city has a great attraction - Palyanka parki. You can to look around too. On south (2 kilometers) is Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On southwest (3 kilometers) is The railway station of the Baku-Passenger, Monument AS Pushkin in Baku (3 km), 28 May Street (3 km). On west (3 kilometers) is Baku Zoo.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Maiden Tower Giz Galasi Bukhta-Il'icha 1
Palace of the Shirvan Shahs Bukhta-Il'icha
Seaside Park Nizaminskiy Rayon 2
Carpet Museum Nizaminskiy Rayon
Street R.Beybutov Nizaminskiy Rayon
Street Bakihanov Nizaminskiy Rayon
Street Istiglaliyat Nizaminskiy Rayon
Old City Icheri Sheher Bukhta-Il'icha 2
Azadlig Square Nizaminskiy Rayon
The Mosque of Muhammad Bukhta-Il'icha
Academy of Music Nizaminskiy Rayon
Heydar Aliyev Palace Nizaminskiy Rayon
Prospect Oilers Nizaminskiy Rayon
Niyazi Street Bukhta-Il'icha
Surakhani Temple of fire worshipers Ateshgah Surakhani
Medieval castle tower in Ramana settlement Ramana
Highland Park Bukhta-Il'icha 1
Heydar Aliyev Airport Biny Selo
State Flag Square Bukhta-Il'icha
Bibi-Heybat Xanlar
Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator Nizaminskiy Rayon
Round Mardakan castle Mardakyany
Palace of Happiness Nizaminskiy Rayon
Quadrangular castle Mardakyan Mardakyany 1
Baku International Sea Trade Port Xanlar

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