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Colabamba - nearby city

First level administrative unit: Departamento de La Paz
Сountry: Bolivia
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Iskanwaya, La Paz Dept

The ancient city Iskanwaya

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  • In the district of La Paz remains of the ancient city - Iskanwaya. Even before the spread of the Inca civilization, there lived a tribe of moths. On the settlement date, poorly preserved, there is no single building - one wall.But walking through the ruins constantly come across everyday objects. Most homes are ancient millstone, with the help of their milled corn. You can still find fragments of dishes, which are scattered throughout the city.Path to Iskanwaya passes through the village Okapata here opened a small museum dedicated to the ruined city. In the present collection you can get acquainted with the objects that were found during excavations. Very interesting to see the beautiful pottery dating back several hundred years.