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British Columbia is located on is on southwestern part part of Canada (Outaouais, British Columbia), 3592 kilometers on west from Ottawa.

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Butchart Gardens Central Saanich
Capilano River Canyon North Vancouver
Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver
Stanley Park North Vancouver
Waterfalls Kliar Voter Stillwater
Strait of Georgia Welcome Beach
The historical part of the city - Gastown Vancouver
Granville Island Vancouver
Cleveland Dam North Vancouver
Spotted Lake Osoyoos
Toad River Valley Toad River
National Park Mount Revelstoke National Park Canyon Hot Springs
Vancouver International Airport Richmond
Victoria International Airport Sidney
Hatley Castle and its gardens Colwood
Chinese Garden of Sun Yat-sen Vancouver
Island Salt Spring Island Salt Spring Island
Kelowna International Airport Rutland
Little Yokohama Vancouver
Inukshuk statue Vancouver
Museum of British Columbia Victoria
Lake Spotted Lake Osoyoos
Nanaimo Nanaimo
Maritime Museum Victoria
Beacon Hill Park Victoria

Interesting facts about British Columbia

  • Population : 4,413,973

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