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Manitoba is located on is on central part part of Canada (Cote-Nord, Manitoba), 1841 kilometers on nothwest from Ottawa.

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National Park Riding Mountain National Park Crawford Park
Winnipeg International Airport Murray Park
Forks Historic Park Winnipeg
Churchill - The world capital of polar bears Churchill
Historical Park, Lower Fort Garry Old England
Cathedral of St. Boniface (Winnipeg) Whittier
Russian Holy Trinity Cathedral Whittier
Theater-restaurant Celebrations Dinner Riel
IMAX cinema Winnipeg
The sports complex "MTS Centre" Winnipeg
Old Market Square Winnipeg
Electrotechnical educational museum center in Manitoba City Centre
Winnipeg Railway Museum Winnipeg
Museum of the Air Force Murray Park
Mennonite Heritage Village Clear Springs
The Manitoba Museum Whittier
Eskimo Museum Churchill
Winkler Golf Club Winkler
Aqua Steinbach Clear Springs
Park waterslides Fun Mountain Deacon
McPhillips Street Station Casino Lord Selkirk - West Kildonan
Open center of agricultural and food Bruce Campbell Riel
Chinese Cultural District Centre in Winnipeg Whittier
Club mini golf U-Puttz Black Light Lord Selkirk - West Kildonan
Manitoba Children's Museum Winnipeg

Interesting facts about Manitoba

  • Population : 1,193,566

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