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Cascajal is located on is on nothern part part of Costa Rica (Canton de Corredores, Provincia de Alajuela), 68 kilometers on south from Provincia de Alajuela. The city has a great attraction - Finca Orotina. You can to look around too. On east (13 kilometers) is Park Turubari, Tarcoles River (14 km). On south (13 kilometers) is Channel Guakalilo.

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Finca Orotina
Park Turubari San Juan de Mata
Channel Guakalilo Tarcoles
Tarcoles River San Juan de Mata
Hacienda Vieja
Hacienda Vieja
La Angostura
Parque de Grecia
Settlement Guayabo Guayabo
Lake Botos Luisa
Airport "Tambor" San Vicente
International Airport named Juan Santamaria Rio Segundo
Butterfly Farm in Alajuela Monte Verde
The village of Monteverde Monte Verde
Nature Reserve Monteverde Monte Verde
Selvatura Park Santa Elena
National Park "Volcano Poas" Poasito
Doka coffee plantation Poasito 1
Damas Island Rios

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