Provincia de San Jose — attractions and interesting facts

Provincia de San Jose is located on is on nothern part part of Costa Rica (Canton de San Mateo, Provincia de San Jose), 31 kilometers on south from San Jose. You can to look around . On notheast (22 kilometers) is Orosi Valley, The observation deck Uharras (25 km). On southwest (32 kilometers) is Damas Island.

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National Theater in San Jose Canton Central de San Jose
Braulio Carrillo National Park Carrillo
Park Turubari San Juan de Mata
Tarcoles River San Juan de Mata
Settlement Guayabo Guayabo
Cliff Cerro San Jose Siberia
Numismatic Museum and pre-Columbian gold Canton Central de San Jose
The National Stadium of Costa Rica Uruca 1
Gold Museum Canton Central de San Jose
Stadium Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica Uruca
Parquecito San Cayetano
Sagrada Familia
Parque de Guadalupe
Parque Santa Monica
San Pedro

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