Mountain Osorshchitsa

  • Tarzio, Croatia
  • Osorshchitsa mountain located in the northern part of the island of Losinj. It stretches for 20 kilometers from the village Chunsky to Osorio.

    Osorshchitsa attracted the attention of many tourists. So, one of them was the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne Rudolf Habsburg, who won the top of the mountain in 1887.

    To the top of the mountain can be done only in the direction of Nerezine and Osorio and hardy can start their trek from Chunsky, one of the main European hiking trails. From the top of the hill offers an unforgettable view of the Lošinj archipelago, the coast of Istria, Velebіt, and in good weather you can see more and Gorski Kotar, Triglav, the island of Rab, Pag and Silba.

    On Osorshchitse is a small church of St. Nicholas (Mіkuly). Gore is also famous for its numerous caves, the most famous of which - the cave of St. Gaudenzio, which are located on the eastern slope below the summit Televrin and Bike Pit, located on the the west side of the top. In the caves Velo Yama had found the remains of ancient people. Age was the remains of more than 10,000 years.

    Mountain Osorshitsa like and hikers and those who enjoy mountain climbing. When hiking in the high degree of complexity is necessary to observe safety regulations.
  • Nerezine, Croatia 
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