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Donji Bukovec is located on is on nothern part part of Croatia (Donji Miholjac Opcina, Grad Zagreb), 4 kilometers on notheast from Grad Zagreb. The city has a great attraction - Maksimir Park. You can to look around too. On southwest (3 kilometers) is The building of Croatian National Bank, Mestrovic Pavilion (3 km), Monument August Šenoa (3 km), Church of St. Martin (3 km), Area Kaptol (3 km).

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Maksimir Park
The building of Croatian National Bank Trg zrtava fasizma
Mestrovic Pavilion Trg zrtava fasizma
Monument August Šenoa Zagreb
Church of St. Martin Zagreb
Area Kaptol Zagreb
Zagreb Funicular Zagreb 1
Remnants of fortifications in Zagreb Zagreb
Fountain of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Zagreb
Fortifications in the area of ​​Kaptol Zagreb
San Marco Zagreb 1
Museum of the History of Zagreb Zagreb
City Market Zagreb 1
Street Skalinska Zagreb
Area Josip Yelachicha Zagreb 1
Monument to Saint George Zagreb
Church of St. Mary Zagreb
Stone Gate Zagreb 1
Street Kamenita Zagreb
Chapel of Our Lady of the Stone Gate Zagreb
Monument to Josip Jelacic-Buzhimskomu Grad Zagreb
Government House Croatia Zagreb
St. Mark's Square Zagreb
Lotrščak Tower Zagreb
Museum of Broken Hearts, Zagreb Zagreb

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