Iran — attractions and interesting facts

Iran — Attractions

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The palace complex Saadabad
Tomb of Omar Khayyam
Bridge Sio-Se-Pol
Garden Narenzhestan
Bridge Hajj
Mosque Nasir ol-Molk
Mausoleum of Saadi
The ancient city of Firuzabad
The ancient city of Sarvestan
Temple of Anahita
Vakil complex
Mirror mosque, Shah Cheragh
Towers of Silence
Fortress Narin-kala
Archaeological complex of Persepolis
The ancient city of Pasargadae
Mausoleum of Shah Wali-Nematullo
Lake Anzali
Mausoleum of Hafiz
Palace of forty columns Chehel Sotoun
Agabozorga mosque in Kashan
Vanksky Cathedral
Fire Temple Ateshkadeh
Residence Buruzherdi
Fortress Falak-ol-Aflak

Iran — Interesting facts

  • Сapital : Tehran
  • Population : 76,923,300

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