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Laos is on Asia. Capital is Vientiane. The area is 237 thousand square kilometers. Population - 6 million. Neighboring countries of Laos are China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. We found в этой стране 54 attractions, some interesting of them. Wat Visun, Cave Pak Do, Wat Fusi, Temple Wat Mai, Wat Aham. Wat Visun, Cave Pak Do, Wat Fusi, Temple Wat Mai, Wat Aham.

Laos — Attractions

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Wat Visun Louangphrabang
Cave Pak Do Ban Pak-Ou
Wat Fusi Ban Xiangmen
Temple Wat Mai Ban Xiangmen
Wat Aham Louangphrabang
Buddha Caves Ban Pak-Ou
Lao National Museum (Haw Kham Royal Palace) Ban Sithan Nua
Lao Hoang Si waterfall Ban Tat
Wat Siengthon Ban Phoudokmai
Tad Sae Waterfall Ban Xianglom
Buddha Park Ban Xieng Khouan
Luang Prabang Louangphrabang
Cave "Paradise" Ban Tou 1
The village of Ban Phanom Louangphrabang
Plain of Jars (Siengkhuang) Ban Phonsavan
The ruins of Vat Phou Ban Sangdua
That Dam Stupa Ban Sithan Nua
Temple Haw Pha Kaeo Ban Sithan Nua
The Presidential Palace in Vientiane Ban Sithan Nua
Wat Si Muang Ban Sithan Nua
Vientiane Ban Sithan Nua
There Chang Cave Ban Khouaphan
Residence Pha That Luang Ban Phon Kheng
Dong Xieng Thong Reservation, Ban Namlu
The international airport "Wattay" Ban Sikhai

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