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New Caledonia is on Australia. Capital is Noumea. The area is 19 thousand square kilometers. Population - 216 thousand. We found в этой стране 30 attractions, some interesting of them. . In central are Tjibaou Cultural Center, Noumea, Bernheim Library. . In central are Tjibaou Cultural Center, Noumea, Bernheim Library.

New Caledonia — Attractions

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Tjibaou Cultural Center Normandie
Noumea Vallee du Tir
Bernheim Library Vallee du Tir
Regional Museum Noumea
Forest Park Vallee du Tir
Beach Anse Vata Vallee des Colons
Aquarium Noumea Vallee des Colons
Waterfall Uadiana Noumea
Waterfall Madeleine Noumea
Cliff Pirsed Rock Noumea
Monolith Le Bon Noumea
Museum of Paita Paita
Fort Teremba Moindou
Lifou Island Kedeigne
Mare Island Ponibok
Maritime Museum of History Noumea
Cathedral of St. Joseph Noumea
Rusa deer farm Noumea
Cave Perrin Noumea
Geological Museum Noumea
National Park De la River Blue Yate
Museum of Noumea Noumea
Bahia Beach des Citron Noumea
Valley Wineries Amen Pass. Noumea
Coast Kyubini Noumea

New Caledonia — Interesting facts

  • Сapital : Noumea
  • Population : 216,494

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