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Pitcairn is on Australia. Capital is Adamstown. The area is 47 square kilometers. Population - 0 thousand. We found в этой стране 710 attractions, some interesting of them. On nothern part are Upside down house, Royal Route Gdansk, The area of ​​Long Market. In central are The Royal Route, Palace in Łazienki, Market Square in Warsaw. On east are Church of St. Anne, Cracow Gate in Lublin, Biala Podlaska St. Anthony. On south are Krakow Aquapark, Cathedral on Wawel Hill, St. Mary's Cathedral On western part are Castle Ksiaz, International Airport Zielona Góra-Babimost, International Airport "Solidarity" Szczecin-Goleniow On southeastern part is Potocki Palace. .

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