District of Columbia — attractions and interesting facts

District of Columbia is located on is on south part part of United States (District of Columbia), 4 kilometers on notheast from Washington, D. C.. You can to look around . On noth (2 kilometers) is Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. On west (2 kilometers) is Howard University. On south (2 kilometers) is Union Steyshen, National Postal Museum (2 km). On southeast (2 kilometers) is H Street Playhouse Theatre.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Lincoln Memorial Hamburgh (historical)
White House Bealls Levels (historical) 1
Supreme Court Building Abby Manor (historical)
Library of Congress Abby Manor (historical)
Jefferson Memorial Duddington Pasture (historical)
Washington Monument Burnes Discovery (historical)
Potomac River New Scotland Hundred (historical)
Chinatown Chinatown
Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics Southwest
Museum of the Smithsonian Washington, D. C.
Georgetown Neighborhood Knaves Disappointment Tract (historical) 1
National Art Gallery Judiciary Square
The complex of buildings of the Congress and the Senate Abby Manor (historical)
Georgetown University Foxhall Terrace
Cathedral in Washington, DC Weston (historical)
Holocaust Memorial Museum United States Burnes Discovery (historical)
National Museum of Natural History Elinor (historical)
Restaurant and Bar Old Ebbitt Grill Bealls Levels (historical)
Smithsonian National Zoo Woodley Park
National Memorial, Korean War Veterans Burnes Discovery (historical) 1
Monument Albert Einstein The Vineyard (historical)
United States Botanic Garden Abby Manor (historical)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Burnes Discovery (historical)
Monument to Martin Luther King Burnes Discovery (historical)
Old Naval Observatory The Vineyard (historical)

Interesting facts about District of Columbia

  • Population : 552,433
  • Elevation : 27

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