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Illinois is located on is on central part part of United States (Kane County, Illinois), 1055 kilometers on west from Washington, D. C..

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Skyscraper Sears Tower (Willis Tower) Duncans Addition 1
Street "Magnificent Mile" Cityfront Center
Art Institute of Chicago Fort Dearborn Addition 1
Bahai Temple North Evanston
The museum complex Park "Grant Park" Fort Dearborn Addition
Missouri River Oldenburg
Trump Tower Fort Dearborn Addition
Italian Quarter in Chicago Jane Addams Homes
Cloud Gate in the heart of Chicago Fort Dearborn Addition 1
Church of St. Joseph Norridge
Water Tower Chicago Canal Trustees
Symphony Center Fort Dearborn Addition
Goodman Theatre Fort Dearborn Addition
Harold Washington Library Fort Dearborn Addition
Chicago Cultural Center Fort Dearborn Addition
Lincoln Park Mid-North District
Pool lilies Alfred Caldwell Mid-North District
Chicago History Museum Olsen-Hansen Row Houses
Nature Museum Peggy Notbaert Mid-North District
Shedd Aquarium Central Station
Chicago Botanic Garden Northwood Edens
The building Auditorium Park Row
Museum of Natural History Field name Central Station
Navi Pierce Cityfront Place
Millennium Park Fort Dearborn Addition

Interesting facts about Illinois

  • Population : 12,772,888
  • Elevation : 191

Administrative units of the second level

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