Indiana — attractions and interesting facts

Indiana is located on is on central part part of United States (Lake County, Indiana), 800 kilometers on west from Washington, D. C..

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Regional airport "Porter County" Williamsburg Manor
Airport "Purdue University" Summit
Jefferson Proving Grd Airport Antioch Grange
Michigan City Airport Manisipel Davis
Bloomington Monroe County Airport Kirby
Grissom Air Base Grissom Air Force Base
Indianapolis International Airport Bridgeport
Airport Anderson Manisipel Chesterfield
Ghost town Gary City of Gary
Kokomo Municipal Airport Cassville
Richmond Municipal Airport Locust Grove
Airport in Rensellere Rensselaer
Marion Municipal Airport City of Jonesboro
Freeman Municipal Airport Hangman Crossing
Delaware County Airport Drew
Airport "Kentland" Kentland
Evansville Regional Airport Township of Center
Columbus Municipal Airport Flat Rock Park
Sullivan County Airport Benefiel Corner
Gary Airport Clarke Junction
Mettl Field Airport Huber
Goshen Airport Bainter Town
Green Airport Township of Busseron
Airport Hillenbrand Industries Township of Ray
Terre Haute International Airport Swalls

Interesting facts about Indiana

  • Population : 6,265,933
  • Elevation : 272

Administrative units of the second level

Weather in Indiana

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