New Mexico — attractions and interesting facts all over the world

New Mexico is located on is on west part part of United States (Cibola County, New Mexico), 2617 kilometers on west from Washington, D. C..

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The largest gypsum desert - White Sands Point of Sands
Carlsbad Caverns National Park Whites City
Parq Central Hotel Martinez Town
National Monument Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument-Tent Rocks Canada de Cochiti Grant
Angel Fire Airport Agua Fria
Airport Olbukerk Interneshnel Sunport Kirtland Addition
Airport Los Alamos Los Alamos County
Airport in Raton Hebron
Municipal Airport "Santa Fe" Cieneguilla Grant
Airport Foer Corners Ridzhional Farmington
Airport Socorro Manisipel Socorro County
Cave Lechuga Whites City
Los Alamos Laboratory Ramon Vigil Grant
Municipal Airport "Artes" Artesia
Municipal Airport Grants-Milan Milan
Fort Sumner Municipal Airport Village of Fort Sumner
Deming Airport Deming
Roswell Airport Mountain View
Lea County Airport Hobbs
Airport Base Air Force "Cannon" Cannon Air Force Base
Okay Ouindzh Espanola Airport El Llano
Municipal Airport "Portales" Tinsley Crossing
Regional airport "Taos" Tract A Taos Pueblo
Municipal Airport "Tucumcari" Lesbia
Terminal "Cavern City" City of Carlsbad

Interesting facts about New Mexico

  • Population : 1,912,684
  • Elevation : 1889

Administrative units of the second level

Weather in New Mexico

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