Oklahoma — attractions and interesting facts

Oklahoma is located on is on south part part of United States (Stephens County, Oklahoma), 1847 kilometers on west from Washington, D. C.. You can to look around . On south (4 kilometers) is Chesapeake Energy Arena, Downtown Airpark Airport (6 km).

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Municipal Airport "Buffalo" Town of Buffalo
Max Westheimer Airport Norman
Airport Downtown Oklahoma Township of Morgan
Downtown Airpark Airport Oklahoma City
Airport "Richard Lloyd Jones Jr." Township of Jenks
Chesapeake Energy Arena City of Oklahoma City
Ponca City Airport Township of Cross
Airport Shawnee Ridzhional City of Shawnee
Airport Stillwater Ridzhional City of Stillwater
Airport Hell Manisipel Hird
Municipal Airport "Ardmore" Town of Gene Autry
Municipal Airport "Antlers" Antlers
Airport Base Air Force Altus Hightower
Municipal Airport "Bartlesville" Bartlesville
Airport McAlester Regional Frink
Woodring Airport Shea
Gage Airport Township of Rock
Iker Airport Calera
Regional airport "Hobart" Babbs
Airport named Robert S. Kerr Sorrels
Airport Guthrie-Edmond Regional Guthrie
Guymon Municipal Airport Guymon
Halliburton Field Airport Dixie Park
Hatboks Field Airport West Muskogee
Hugo Airport City of Hugo

Interesting facts about Oklahoma

  • Population : 3,547,049
  • Elevation : 369

Administrative units of the second level

Weather in Oklahoma

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