South Dakota — attractions and interesting facts

South Dakota is located on is on central part part of United States (Dewey County, South Dakota), 2018 kilometers on west from Washington, D. C..

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Bad land Township of Imlay
Municipal Airport "Madison" Township of Lake Center
Regional airport "Rapid City" Green Valley
Military Base Ellsworth Ellsworth Air Force Base
Cave of the Winds Pringle
Joe Foss Field Airport Martindale Addition
Brookings Airport Redzhinal Brookings County
Airport Hoves Township of Huron
Mitchell Airport Manisipel Township of Mitchell
Airport Britton Manisipel Britton
Aberdeen Airport Ridzhional Jobee Acres
Airport Watertown Ridzhional City of Watertown
Airport Lemmon Township of Lincoln
Deadwood Gulch Convention Center
Rehfelds Gallery
City of Sioux Falls
Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village
Township of Mitchell
McKennan Park
City of Sioux Falls
Leaders Park
Sioux Falls
McCrory Gardens
City of Brookings
Terry Redlin Art Museum
SDSU Agricultural Heritage Museum
South Dakota Capitol Building
Pettigrew Home & Museum
City of Sioux Falls
Dwight D. Miller Auditorium
Delta-01 Minuteman Missile Silo
Township of Fairview

Interesting facts about South Dakota

  • Population : 770,184
  • Elevation : 548

Administrative units of the second level

Weather in South Dakota

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