Washington — attractions and interesting facts

Washington is located on is on west part part of United States (Yakima County, Washington), 3600 kilometers on west from Washington, D. C.. You can to look around . On noth (5 kilometers) is Tops National Park Pishestin. On east (14 kilometers) is State Park Skilchak, Wenatchee National Park (14 km), Lincoln Rock State Park (17 km). On nothwest (16 kilometers) is Forestry Leavenworth.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Pike market (Pike Place Market) Seattle 2
Multnomah Falls Saint Cloud
Devils Lake Diablo
Kingdom of mosses Olympic Hot Springs
Mount Reyner Nisqually Vista 1
Mount St. Helens Harmony Falls Landing
Snake River Hedges
Waterfall "Punch Bowl" Fort Rains
Alki Beach Alki
Redondo Beach Redondo
Ruby Beach Hoh Indian Reservation
"Space Needle" City of Seattle 2
Seattle Chinese Garden Delridge 2
Clark Park Beach May Creek
Mirror Lake Paradise 1
Pioneer Square Seattle
Trade and Exhibition Centre "Traydeks" Clearbrook
National Historical Park "Klondike Gold Rush" Seattle
National Park Fir Trail Crescent
Botanical Beach Neah Bay
Hells Gate State Park Clarkston Heights-Vineland
River Quetelet Marcus
Okanogan River City of Brewster
Spokane International Airport Hazelwood
Fort Worden State Park City of Port Townsend

Interesting facts about Washington

  • Population : 6,271,775
  • Elevation : 555

Administrative units of the second level

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