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Washington, D. C. is the capital of United States, located is on south part of it. We have found 4 attractions here, some interesting of them: Museum of the Smithsonian, Presidential Park, DAR Museum, National Museum of American History. You can to look around too. On noth (0 kilometers) is White House. On notheast (0 kilometers) is Treasury Building, Restaurant and Bar Old Ebbitt Grill (0 km). On west (0 kilometers) is Octagon House. On nothwest (0 kilometers) is Renwick Gallery.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Museum of the Smithsonian
Presidential Park
DAR Museum
National Museum of American History
White House Bealls Levels (historical) 1
Treasury Building Bealls Levels (historical)
Restaurant and Bar Old Ebbitt Grill Bealls Levels (historical)
Octagon House Northwest Rectangle
Renwick Gallery Bealls Levels (historical)
National Theatre Bealls Levels (historical)
Interior Museum Northwest Rectangle
Cathedral of St. John Bealls Levels (historical)
Warner Theatre Bealls Levels (historical)
Washington Monument Burnes Discovery (historical)
Old Post Office Pavilion Elinor (historical)
National Memorial, Korean War Veterans Burnes Discovery (historical) 1
Memorial to the participants of the Second World War Burnes Discovery (historical)
National Museum of Women in the Arts Franklin McPherson Square
Michelangelo's David-Apollo
Elinor (historical)
Subway station "Metro Center" Elinor (historical)
Holocaust Memorial Museum United States Burnes Discovery (historical)
National Museum of Natural History Elinor (historical)
Concert Hall Lisner Auditorium Mexico (historical)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Hamburgh (historical)
Memorial Library Martin Luther King Jr. Elinor (historical)

Interesting facts about Washington, D. C.

  • Population : 601,723
  • Elevation : 7

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